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Twenty years later, SWEET YEARS celebrated its anniversary with its founders, Bobo Vieri and Paolo Maldini, alongside many footballers, figures from the world of entertainment, fashion, and numerous friends, demonstrating that despite the passing of years, the red heart still beats strongly in their hearts!


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Twenty years after its inception, Sweet Years continues to be a reference point in the Italian market with its clothing lines for men, women, and children, as well as its intimate collection, footwear, and lifestyle products that accompany us every day.

The Classic Collection, the iconic collection with the heart, offers a casual style, while the women's collection is contemporary and trendy. The children's line, designed for the little ones, is incredibly soft and colorful!

Sweet Years underwear features a 100% cotton line for men and women that is gentle on the skin, and its products are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Socks and underwear are distributed in numerous stores throughout the national territory.

The footwear offerings are rich in interesting choices, capable of satisfying even the most demanding style preferences. A selection of must-have models for both winter and summer seasons.

This year, the iconic SWEET YEARS - SYJ line returns, which has defined style over the past two decades. A collection that presents a total look waiting to be discovered.

"Youthful spirit and Italian passion have been accompanying millions of people for nearly twenty years, without distinction of age, gender, or social background."

Our motto is


Maldini and Bobo Vieri

SY32 by Sweet Years.

Garments designed for new lifestyles.

Comfy and trendy, with special attention to details, high-performance, and highly technical pieces.


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