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Sweet Years makes his first appearance in 2003: after scoring yet another spectacular goal, the Bomber lifts his team shirt and a brand new one appears. red heart. Sweet Years is born. The immediate surprise is followed by the curiosity of millions of fans and spectators. The brand of the heart comes from the idea of the two football legends, Bobo Vieri and Paolo Maldini, who still today follow Sweet Years with passion.  Enthusiasm, energy, positivity, dynamism and respect these have always been the values that guide the brand, which for almost 20 years has accompanied millions of people regardless of age, gender or social background.  After making streetwear its core business, Sweet Years has become a lifestyle brand by activating a brand extension policy.  

bobo vieri historic goal
Maldini SY t-shirt

After the consolidation of the clothing collections - for men, women and children - the company has signed important licenses in various product sectors for the production and marketing of accessories including perfumes, jewelry, bags, footwear, socks, eyewear, beachwear, and underwear. Since 2009 the brand has expanded internationally with Japan as the leader:  Sweet Years products are sold in over 200 stores including boutiques and department stores and the sports brand SY32by Sweetyears boasts several flagship stores and shop-in-shops.​ Sweet Years is owned by Go Old 50 srl , a company managed by Mauro Russo. Research and development are coordinated by the General Manager Fabio Renzetti.



After scoring a goal, the Bomber lifts the team shirt and an unprecedented red heart appears. It is 2013 and Sweet Years is born.  

The brand of the heart was born from the friendship and intuition of football legends Bobo Vieri and Paolo Maldini , who still follow Sweet Years with passion today.

In this “memories” section we recall some of the most significant moments of the brand.

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